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Senior Pastor, Fredericton Christian Church

September, 2010 - October, 2021 (11 Years, 2 Months)


103 Bloor Street

Fredericton, NB

Preaching & Teaching

During my time at FCC I was responsible for preaching and teaching on a weekly basis.  This responsibility was carried out in the following settings...

Verse-by-Verse Preaching: The vast majority of my preaching is verse-by-verse biblical exegesis.  This is where my strength in preaching is. (See examples in Livestream and Video section)

Topical Preaching: I typically reserve topical preaching for Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.).

Sunday School: The classes I teach are very practical in nature.  Using doctrine students learn study methods, how to use a study Bible, how to use Bible study tools (chain reference, concordances, Bible thesaurus, etc.), the importance of scripture memorization, and Christian disciplines.

Bible Study: The Bible Studies I prepare are either verse-by-verse through books of the bible or focused on the Biblical worldview.  I create custom slideshows for each study. (See examples in Livestream and Video section)

Q&A Sessions: A couple of times a year I scheduled Question and Answer sessions to addressed any unanswered questions arising from the preaching, teaching, or personal curiosity.

Small Groups: Small groups are more devotional in nature, with facilitated studies serving as the context for in-home prayer, fellowship, connection, and mutual discipleship to Jesus.

Video Shorts: My Bible, Prayer, and Prompts were weekly two to three minute video shorts meant to unite the congregation in prayer. (See examples in Livestream and Video section)

Pastoral & Spiritual Care

During my time at FCC I was responsible for the pastoral and spiritual care of the congregation.  This responsibility was carried out in the following settings...

Prayer ministry: Prayer is essential the greater life of any local church.  With prayer God will make so much more of our efforts and activities than we ever could.  The prayer ministry consists of weekly prayer meetings as well as a common prayer focus for the congregation. (See more in Prayer section)

Discipleship: Making and maturing disciples is at the forefront when building up the body of Christ.  It's a key focus of my ministry in terms of community outreach and church membership.

Office Hours and Visitations: My office hours are a set time each week where congregant can drop into the office for prayer, counsel, pastoral care, or fellowship.  Visitations at home, hospital or some other location serve the same purpose.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict happens, and as much as we would rather avoid it, it's important to deal with all conflict right away.  The key to navigating and resolving conflict is to ground ourselves  in the Bible's guidance, in attitudes consistent with Christ, and in a commitment to the unity and love that define the body of Christ.  This is a very important aspect of shepherding a flock. 

Strong Community Presence:  Whether on location (at the church's building) or in the community in which I live, I have been able to  established and developed a strong community presence.  I am well liked with a reputation above reproach.

Weddings and Funerals: I am experience in performing Biblical Christian wedding.  I am less experience in performing funerals, but very capable. 

Praise & Worship

During my time at FCC the Praise and Worship ministry was delegated to a deacon, which I oversaw in an eldership capacity.  However, I did give of my own talents regularly.  This included...

Primary Instrument: Bass

Secondary Instruments: Guitar, Drums

Technical and Practical Ability

Circumstances often require a minister to serve in ways that are not typical of a vocational ministry, and God has a way of utilizing our past for the benefit of the local church.  This has proven true throughout my time at FCC.  Here are some of my technical abilities that God has put to use at FCC...

Web Design: I designed and built FCC's online presence (the website and social media).

Audio and Video: I designed, acquired and built the audio/visual set-up for online livestreaming and video ministry. (See examples in Livestream and Video section)

Animation: I wrote and animated a cartoon nativity play with the children of the congregation (see here).

Building, Carpentry, Repair and Maintenance: I designed and built a dedicated studio for our audio/video ministry.  I'm also very handy in just about any area of basic building maintenance and repair. (Seen in this video)

Character, Example, and Biblical Qualifications

Life as Stewardship:  Ministry isn't just nine to five.  Everything I do from the moment I wake until I go to sleep is an act of stewardship.  I'm responsible to God who gives, and I'm an example to the congregation who's watching.  That's the big picture of ministry for those who would answer the call. 

Faith & Discipleship: My sincerity and depth of faith is evident to all, in word and works.  I am an active disciple of Jesus, which means every day I continue to pursue Jesus in my following, listening, imitating, obedience, transformation, sanctification, and application.  

Family: My wife and I have an amazingly blessed relationship, and the source of that blessing has been our shared faith, our mutual discipleship to Jesus, and our common goals for our family in Christ Jesus.  Our children have been raised up in the way they ought to go, and we have been faithfully and prayerfully preparing them for the day they wake up to the gospel of Jesus Christ, that they would know exactly how to respond to the grace of God.  We do this out of reverence of God, but also as an example to the congregation.  Laura and I steward our family the same way we steward our lives.  We do so as ones responsible to God, and as an example to our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Scripture: My Biblical qualifications are in accord with Titus 1:5-9, 1 Tim. 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4.

Director of Admission, Maritime Christian College

January, 2009 - September, 2010 (1 Years, 9 Months)


503 University Avenue
Charlottetown, PE


I refined the application and acceptance procedure for future students to Maritime Christian College, and created a fully capable online application process for future students (including the introduction of a formal international students application and acceptance procedure).

I created a digital and hard copy filing system that precisely mirrored and tracked the application and acceptance procedure of future students to Maritime Christian College.


I actively recruited future students to Maritime Christian College.

Student Relations

I acted in the role of student relations to Maritime Christian College.


I prepared and taught courses at the Bachelor level.

Web Design

I was the primary web developer and designer.

Student Maintenance, University of New Brunswick

2002 - 2007 (5 Years, June - September)


Fredericton, NB

Summary of Responsibilities

Master key holder.

General and specialized maintenance, repairing damaged university property.

Taking over management and supervisor roles when necessary.

Train new employees.

Content Specialist,

2000 - 2002 (2 Years)


939 Main Street 
Moncton, NB

Summary of Responsibilities

Responsible for updating 100 to 200 pages of online content daily.

Responsible for design and development of teen section, “Whatever”.

Responsible for design and development of banner advertising and tile advertising.

Responsible for training new employees.


Maritime Christian College

Bachelor of Bible and Ministry (Vocational Ministry)

2007 – 2009

St. Thomas University (CA)

Bachelor of Arts (Religious Studies)

2002 – 2007

Computer Training Institute

Diploma (Multimedia & Graphic Design)

1999 – 2000


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